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Understand the holistic education on theology, with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective Christian leader and theologian.


The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Theology program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Christian faith and its teachings. The program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective Christian leaders, educators, and ministers in various settings. Throughout the program, students will study topics such as theology, Christian education, biblical languages, missiology, Christian counselling, biblical studies, church history, and ethics.


  1. Graduates comprehend theology and apply it to real-world issues.
  2. Students can analyse religious texts and cultures, and engage with other beliefs.
  3. Graduates communicate complex theological ideas clearly and persuasively.
  4. Students will gain a broad knowledge of different religious traditions, including their history, beliefs, practices, and cultural context. 
  5. Students gain a broad perspective on the historical and cultural contexts of religious traditions.
  6. Graduates are equipped for careers in religious ministry, teaching, research, public service, and the private sector.  


This great program is taught via lectures, seminars, group work, computer-based learning, independent learning and research. Writing lab of Timothy Imuwahen Centre for Kingdomology (TICK) or Centre for Biblical Research and Theological Education (CENBRATED) is an important part of this programme. At the end of your program, you will be conferred a “Graduate Christian Theologian.”

Programme Information
  • Christian Research Methods
  • Old and New Testament Surveys/Theology
  • Christian Leadership
  • Biblical Studies
  • Church History
  • Christian Education
  • Apostolic Discipleship and Mentorship
  • Kingdom Studies
  • Christian Doctrines
  • Biblical Languages
  • Epistles and Acts
  • Christian Ethics
  • Missiology
  • Christian Counselling
  • Ministry Practices
  • O-level (Secondary School Education) result (not more than two sittings).
  • Chest/Waist-to-head clean corporate picture (for virtual students).
  • Three (3) passport photos (for in-class students).
  • Health Report or medical Fitness Certificate (for in-class students).
  • National ID (for in-class students).
  • Two (2) recommendation letters. One from your Church and the other from your place or work, school or others (for all students).
  • Application Fee = $20 (₦5,000)
  • Student ID Card = $5 (₦1,000)
  • Yearly Tuition Fee with a Scholarship = $500 (₦80,000)
  • Yearly Main Campus Development Levy = $100 (₦20,000)
  • Yearly Library Fee = $10 (₦3,000)
  • Yearly ICT Fee = $20 (₦5,000)
    School Vest = $20 (₦5,000)
  • Yearly Hostel Fee (optional) = $200 (₦30,000)
  • Graduation Fee = $50 (₦20,000)

Note: For you to enjoy the tuition scholarship, kindly indicate the “Testament Tuition Scholarship” (TTS) when you are filling out the application form.

  • Research Lab: Every student in the program has access to the Timothy Imuwahen Centre for Kingdomology (TICK) or the Centre for Biblical Research and Theological Education (CENBRATED) for extensive training in research and publications.
  • Provision of ICT: You can access free Wi-Fi throughout the Seminary or the Writing Lab, so you can work from anywhere. If you don’t want to carry a laptop around, just use one of the Seminary’s PCs.
  • TWO Programmes: Testament, Witness and Order (TWO) Conferences hold quarterly where Christian scholars, gospel ministers, students and Kingdom orators come in to talk on topics in the Christendom and other spheres of influence.
  • Publication Centre: After your research work at TICK or CENBRATED, Students will submit and publish their articles at the African Journal of Kingdom Education (AJOKE) seamlessly.
  • Four (4) years of full-time or part-time studies.
  • Mode of Study: On-campus (classroom) or Open and Distance Learning (virtual).



Dr. Timothy Imuwahen is a multiple award-winner, spirit-led leader and humble giant in the Higher Education Management industry, whose unique, bold style of delivery and leadership inspires and empowers people for massive success, by applying biblical laws and principles that place a demand on man’s innate, yet divine ability to discover God’s given destiny hidden within. 

He is a faculty member at reputable religious and secular institutions of higher learning and is pursuing a second Doctorate in Christian Business Administration with a concentration on Territorial Leadership and Strategy.

Dr. Imuwahen is the Lead Faculty of the Territorial Leadership Masterclass and a sought-after conference speaker with over 12 years of cognate experience in the education, consulting and religious landscapes. Dr. Timothy Imuwahen is the President and Teacher at Testament Believers Chapel, an apostolic-teaching ministry and has been invited to speak on comparative theology, territorial leadership, personal mastery and emerging issues in the body of Christ at various events internationally.

Mrs Blessing Emmanuel 2

Mrs. Blessing Emmanuel

Programme Director


Rev. Prof. Prince Freely

Professor of Theology & Christian Leadership


Prof. Nicolene Joubert

Professor of Christian Counselling & Psychology

Dr Dele

Pastor Dr. Dele Ilesanmi

Associate Research Professor of Christian Education

Dr Sachia

Mr. Sachia Ikyernum

Biblical Studies (New Testament)


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Page last updated: 31 March 2024

We aim to provide clear, accurate and timely information to prospective and current students. We continuously review and enhance course content in consultation with our students and the information provided on our website is the latest available. If you have received an offer from us to start a course, we will communicate any important changes to you in writing. We will always seek to ensure that our prospective students are fully aware of the basis on which they are accepting an offer.


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"But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ"
(Philippians 3:20 ESV)



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