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The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology program is a four-year undergraduate degree that provides students with knowledge and skills related to the scientific study of human behavior and thought processes. This program aims to provide students with a deep understanding of human behavior, emotion, and cognition, as well as how they are impacted by social, cognitive, and biological factors. Students will learn about various topics, including theology, general psychology, psychotherapy and many more. The program prepares students for a wide range of careers related to psychology, including mental health professionals, social workers, counselors, and researchers.

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Programme Learning Outcomes
  • Graduates comprehend theology and apply it to real-world issues.
  • Understanding of the fundamental theories, concepts and research methods of psychology.
  • Ability to critically evaluate psychological research and theories, and effectively communicate findings in oral and written formats.
  • Demonstration of ethical and professional behavior and adherence to psychological standards.
  • Competence in analyzing, synthesizing, and applying psychological knowledge to real-world situations.
  • Development of skills in identifying, describing and analyzing human behavior and mental processes.
What we Offer
  • The BSc(Psych) students will be groomed and taught how to conduct general and social behavioural research at the research lab.
  • The BSc in Psychology degree will be conferred by one of our affiliated institutions.
  • Our Students from this department, after their clinical practice will be mobilised for the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).
  • You will be conferred a “Graduate Christian Psychologist” (GCP) upon publishing at least two research articles on the African Journal of Kingdom Education (AJOKE).
  • Our BSc(Psych) graduates will be able to serve as Volunteers at TBC/TICK and in this department.
  • Our BSc(Psych) graduates will automatically become our ambassadors and represent us all over the world.
Programme Structure

This great program is taught via lectures, seminars, group work, computer-based learning, clinical practice, independent research and assessment. Clinical and examination lab of Timothy Imuwahen Centre for Kingdomology (TICK) is an important parts of this course. During that time, you will benefit from practical learning and be supported by the TICK Certified Psychologist, Christian Counsellors, Associates, Fellows and pastoral leaders in General Experimental Psychology and Design. At the end of your program, you will be conferred a “Graduate Christian Psychologist.”

Programme Information

Core Facilities

Research Lab

Students in the program has access to the Timothy Imuwahen Centre for Kingdomology (TICK) for extensive training in research and publications.

Publication Centre

After your research work at TICK, Students will submit and publish their articles at the African Journal of Kingdom Education (AJOKE) seamlessly.

IT Provision

You can access free Wi-Fi throughout the Seminary or the Writing Lab, so you can work from anywhere. If you don’t want to carry a laptop around, just use one of the Seminary’s PCs.


Testament, Witness and Order (TWO) Conference hold biannually where Christian scholars, Professionals and Kingdom Orators come in to talk on topics in the Christendom and other spheres of influence.

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Page last updated: 18 December 2023

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