Postdoctoral Scholar Opportunity in Kingdom Theological Studies

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Dear Prospective Postdoctoral Researchers,

The field of Systematic Theology has witnessed huge setbacks in establishing some historical, current and future biblical cum Christian doctrines and events that place Christian and biblical education abreast of the plethora of knowledge systems and Data verse set to educate the Christian communities and the Body of Christ at large. The Timothy Imuwahen Centre for Kingdomology (TICK) is a research and training centre in Nigeria, West Africa focusing on Kingdom Theological Studies, Education and Biblical Research. It is the first centre to raise people interested in the systematic doctrines, government, and embedded mysteries of the Kingdom of God and His rulership here and beyond as contained in the Holy Bible and other source materials. Tekena Balafama recently joined the group as a TICK researcher to establish his own line of research on Kingdomology, with an interest in exploring various aspects of Eschatology.

The Project

Timothy Imuwahen Centre for Kingdomology (TICK) group is led by Dr. Timothy Imuwahen at the School of Kingdom Theology in Testament Theological Seminary located in Nigeria and is looking for experienced, inspired and highly self-motivated Postdoctoral Researchers with an interest in Kingdom Theological Studies; Territorial Leadership; Systematic Theology and Eschatology.

Desirable Qualifications

Applicants should have or be near the completion of a PhD/Doctorate in Theology; Biblical Studies; Christian Education; Ministry; Missiology; and Divinity; or a related field. The successful candidate should have demonstrated scientific, hermeneutic, and historical writing and research abilities and experience with analysing, verifying and documenting biblical findings using adequate research methods.

Expected Contributions

  1. Publish peer-reviewed manuscripts summarizing activities and findings performed in the described research areas
  2. Develop at least two Simplified Handbook in your courses of interest for the School of Kingdom
    Theology at Testament Theological Seminary
  3. Engage in teaching at the School of Kingdom Theology for Testament Theological Seminary

How to Apply

  1. Please send the digital copies of the items below to:
  2. A short cover letter describing your suitability
    A detailed Curriculum Vitae (covering any research publications and achievements)
  3. Education qualifications (certificates and transcripts for all undergraduate/postgraduate awards)
  4. Closing Date: Until all the positions or scholarships are filled.

Thank you for considering Testament Theological Seminary. We eagerly await passionate, inspired and motivated individuals to embark on an exciting journey of truth discovery and doctrinal excellence with us.

Best regards,

Dr. Timothy Imuwahen FCK
Timothy Imuwahen Centre for Kingdomology
Testament Theological Seminary

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