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15 Jan 2024

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All creations have a specific location and purpose for smooth cooperation and freedom of expression. Territories are established to defend against invasion, but their purpose is to relieve the burden of the people and strengthen their faith and progress. Territories are built through various systems to gain prominence, power, and impact. Leaders work hard to protect their territory through crisis management and peace movements to promote development. Understanding territorial systems can put you ahead of over 4 billion people in the world.

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Programme Learning Outcomes
  • Become knowledgeable and senstive to the world around you.
  • Expertly discuss concepts of territorial governance, leadership and impact.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of power and authority leaders excercise in territories.
  • Understand the spiritual world, their guidance and gatekeepers within a territory.
  • Educate others about territories both from the seen and unseen realms.
  • Ability to install and exert Kingship authority and presence in a given territory.
What we Offer
  • Our students will be groomed and taught how to conduct general and biblical research in Territorial Leadership.
  • Our graduated students from this programme will earn a Certificate of Arts (CA) in Territorial Leadership.
  • Our Territorial Leadership graduates can move into their Diploma or Bachelor’s degree programme with up to 90% scholarship.
  • Our Territorial Strategists will automatically become our ambassadors and represent us all over the world.
Programme Structure

This great program is taught via lectures, seminars, group work, independent learning and research. You will be directly taught by the Fellow Certified Kingdomologist, Dr. Timothy Imuwahen and other Associates. Your progress will be assessed with written hypothesis, seminar presentations, practicum, and a written examination. Throughout the programme, you’ll carry out ministerial or territorial services and have one-to-one support from academic staff. At the end of your programme, you will earn a “Certificate of Arts (CA) in Territorial Leadership.”

Programme Information

Core Facilities

TICK Research Lab

Every student in the program has access to the Timothy Imuwahen Centre for Kingdomology (TICK) for extensive training in research and publications.

AJOKE Publication Centre

After your research work at TICK, Students will submit and publish their articles at the African Journal of Kingdom Education (AJOKE) seamlessly.

IT Provision

You can access free Wi-Fi throughout the Seminary or the Writing Lab, so you can work from anywhere. If you don’t want to carry a laptop around, just use one of the Seminary’s PCs.

TWO Conferences

Testament, Witness and Order (TWO) Conferences hold quarterly where Christian scholars, gospel ministers, students and Kingdom orators come in to talk on topics in the Christendom and other spheres of influence.


Career Ready and Employment

By the end of this Certificate of Arts (CA) programme you should be able to work as an Independent Biblical Researcher, Territorial Strategist, Christian Leader and Biblical Teacher in religious setting, private and public sector. You have the capacity to do more than just your Certificate of Arts, you can carve a learning and earning space for yourself which TBTS promotes with tenacity. You are free to bring in your new inspired ideas and equip yourself better than what your classroom and research experience gives you.

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