Chaplain: Testament Believers Chapel Inc.


An Overview

The Testament Believers Chapel Inc. (TBC) is the mother ministry of Testament Theological Seminary and serves as the Chapel for students to be groomed, trained and armed with various tools, mantles and skills for diverse ministries and ordinations God has called each student to follow. The Chaplain is the Pastor in charge of the Chapel and heads the Chaplaincy under the leadership of the President of Testament Believers Chapel who happens to be the Presiding Pastor for the Chapel and and the Visitor for Testament Theological Seminary.

At TBC and by the special grace of God, we forge men and women into the five-fold ministries and more, allowing them to master ministerial ethics and gifts that can position them for various Christian ministries that will be active all across the globe. Students will be trained in various Christian ministries and offices while they learn and get the needed training to excel and successfully carry out Kingdom services at various levels and in different territories globally. Click HERE to visit TBC.

Types of Christian Ministries

  1. Children and Teens Ministry
  2. Youth and Young Adults Ministry
  3. Singles Ministry
  4. Marrieds Ministry
  5. Singing Ministry
  6. Womens Ministry
  7. Mens Ministry
  8. Elderly Ministry
  9. Helps and Hospitality Ministry
  10. Teaching/Education Ministry, etc.

Types of Ministerial Office and Ordinations

  1. Teaching Office
  2. Pastoral Office
  3. Prophetic Office
  4. Evangelistic Office
  5. Apostolic Office
  6. Counselling Office
  7. Wisdom Office
  8. Psalmist Office
  9. Evangelistic-Apostolic Office
  10. Other Dimensions of Offices and Ordinations

Our Mission and Goals

  1. To engage all the students and other members of the church in the spiritual formation journey.
  2. To foster spiritual development curriculum and exercises that shape the destinies of the members of the Chapel.
  3. To teach them the undiluted Words of God as contained in the Bible and through the voice of God.
  4. To properly guide every member to their place of higher calling in Christ Jesus.
  5. To become a Kingdomologist and to install the Kingdom of God in every territory.
  6. To give spiritual and life-development education that balances their standard and way of living.
  7. To teach and show them the very life of Jesus Christ and to follow suit for Kingdom advancement. 


"But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ"
(Philippians 3:20 ESV)



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